We have a list of questions and answers that we frequently hear from families.

Is this a children’s organization?

Yes. We serve children up to 18 years of age who have multiple disabilities and complex medical conditions. The Safehaven Project for Community Living is licensed under the Child & Family Services Act and is rigorously reviewed by the Ministry of Children & Youth Services on an annual basis for compliance.

Who are your staff?

Most of The Safehaven Project for Community Living staff are graduates from programs such as Developmental Service Worker, Child & Youth Worker, Social Service Worker, RPN, Social Work, Early Childhood Education, Recreation, Speech & Language specialists. All staff undergo a three month training program with an emphasis on areas such as food & nutrition, physical & occupational needs, stimulation, community integration, g-tube feeding, medication administration, government and board relations. Training is a continuous process at Safehaven.

Where will my child sleep?

All children sleep in a bedroom. The Safehaven Project for Community Living has specially designed beds and motorized lifts available when needed.

What kinds of activities will my child be doing?

The Safehaven Project for Community Living commitment is that a child who has multiple disabilities and complex medical conditions can flourish to their capacity with the experience and support of their local community. Families can request that their child go to school during their full time stay or their temporary respite visit. Safehaven residential residents attend school during the regular school year. . Children attend sports events, concerts, movies, go to major attractions such as the ROM, AGO, "hang out" in their communities and participate in "at home" events such as baking, arts & crafts, and movie nights. We have regular music and pet therapy sessions, Snoozelen multi-sensory engagement and interaction, summertime pool days and more

What happens in an emergency?

All residential and respite children have a Residential Care Plan (RCP) which is discussed and created with families. In the RCP, emergency situations are discussed and customized to meet the child and families’ needs. The Safehaven Project for Community Living has an emergency plan which is discussed with families.

Can we use all your locations for respite?

Families in Central Region can access our Aurora and Woodbridge residences for respite services. Families in Toronto can access our residences in Toronto, North York, Etobicoke and Aurora for respite.

Families can be placed on a respite waiting list if there is availability in one of our other residences. Families in York Region can access our Woodbridge residence for residential services.

How can I pay for services?

The Safehaven Project for Community Living accepts VISA, MasterCard, cash and cheques. Invoices are sent out monthly or alternative payment arrangements are available. Just ask us. Inability to pay is never a barrier to service.

What will my child be eating?

Every residence has posted menus which are created by our staff in consultation with our house physician and families. Families can bring meals for their child and discuss dietary and cultural needs with the staff.

How long has Safehaven been in operation?

The Safehaven Project for Community Living was created in 1989 in response to a crisis in the provincial care of children who had multiple disabilities and complex medical conditions.

Are you looking to expand?

Yes. The Safehaven Project for Community Living Board of Directors will be looking at expanding their services in the upcoming years.

Will my child receive their medication?

Yes. During the family assessment interview, Safehaven staff review every aspect of your child's care. Medication administration sheets are made up for every child, signed and adhered to. All staff receive medical training.

Will my child’s routine be the same as at home?

Yes, if that is your request. Safehaven designates one staff for every two residents. Staff work closely with families establishing routines and understanding a child's needs. Children can attend school while at The Safehaven Project for Community Living and will actively participate in community activities.

How much respite care can I have?

We use up to three weeks a year as our standard. Families can have half a day of respite up to the full three weeks if that is what is needed. Just let us know what your family needs and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Can I call or visit during my child’s respite stay at Safehaven?

Yes. Family involvement is paramount at The Safehaven Project for Community Living. Families and extended family members can call and visit at any time.

Do you do emergency respite?

The Safehaven Project for Community Living will accommodate all families and children when it is safe and prudent to do so. Every request is assessed and a plan of care developed. Safehaven will respond to a request for emergency respite when the child and family are previously known to Safehaven.

What do I need to bring for my child’s respite visit?

You will need to bring well-labelled clothing, toiletries, medications, feeding and any other necessary equipment.